Why choose Scan-Lock Floor System:


1:Scan-Lock is highly resistant against oils and chemicals,  5-years wear warranty even with heavy traffic

2:Scan-Lock withstand harsh mechanical effects. Used in aircraft hangars, workshops and engine ships.

3:Scan-Lock does not burn when exposed to the glow from welder. The floor is approved by DS and DIN.

4:Scan-Lock not normally glued, therefore you can replace the single tiles. Full renovation not an option

5: Scan-Lock laid directly without pre treatment on older concrete - or existing wood floors.

6: Scan-Lock reduces cleaning costs and any dust problems from worn floors.

7: Scan-Lock lends itself to new concrete as it allows the concrete to "breathe".

8: Scan-Lock can be placed in sections with edge sections so that restoration is without downtime.

9: Scan-Lock provides good ergonomic flooring solution for the benefit of the working environment.

10: Scan-Lock can be fully welded and it is suitable as a waterproof coating.

11:Scan-Lock can be used as thermal - and noise isolation.

12: Scan-Lock can be used in the temperature range from -40 degrees to +60 degrees.