The Scan - Lock Floor System opens up quite new prospects.

The uniquely designed connecting profiles combined with the surface structure of the tile, staircase profiles, and other acessories, all made from 100% vinyl dyed in the material, provides architects and builders with completely new possibilities for the ideal solution as regards objects and renovation tasks in connection with any building project.


The Scan - Lock Floor System is manufactured in Denmark and has been developed in close co-operation with Teknologistyrelsen (Danish Council og Technological Institute) and Jysk Teknologik (The Jutland Technological Institute).


The Scan - Lock Floor tiles are manufactured with precise interlocking system, which makes flooring on most surfaces extremely fast.


The Scan - Lock Floor tiles normally do not require any adhesives.


The Scan - Lock Floor System has a great wearability, is resistant to a great number of chemicals, and will of course stand up to all cleaning materials.


The Scan - Lock Floor therefore means a considerable reduction in the maintenance costs of your new flooring.


The Scan - Lock Floor raw materials are described as follows in a report from Jysk Teknologisk (The Jutland Technological Institute): "Scanyl vinyl (PVC) flooring is a completely Danish manufactures product made from pure PVC waste products from other industrial productions. In the instance the PVC waste product is extremely pure. It is quantized and mixed under constant laboratory control, which ensures a current uniform quality of the new end product - Scanyl".


The Scan - Lock tiles are available in 5 standard colours. In case of larger orders special colors can be supplied as requested.