scan lock

Scan - Lock Standard is available with and without buds with puzzle collection 

Dimensions: 292x 292 x 6.25 mm Weight per piece m2 approximately 7kg 

Temperature range: Normal temperature Operation -40 to +60 C. Noise reduction and electrically insulating . 

Load: Point load until 250kg/cm2 

Chemicals: The material is resistant to: alcohol , diesel oil, acetic acid , hydrofluoric acid , motor oil, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid , sulfuric acid, silicone and mineral oil, replenishing, cutting oil , etc. 

Walk Friendly : Scan - Lock Standard provides a soft elastic, slip-resistant and insulating substrates . Suitable for offices , supermarkets , warehouses , factories and in environments where there are special requirements for the coating. 

Insulation: Because of the high density possess Scan - Lock Standard excellent insulating properties as well as thermal acoustic conditions . 

Cleaning: Withstands all common cleaning agents and high pressure cleaning. 

Approvals : EN and DIN approved.